Warum wir nun Krieg mit Russland haben

Krieg mit Russland

Muss MANN wissen

Now I want you to think about that for a moment and don’t just read over that and move on.  

Because this is the essence of what our government has become in America today.  

They knowingly lied to the world so that the world would be willing to sacrifice their children, believing it was a necessary and righteous cause to do so.  And in the end the truth came to light that there was no righteous cause.  That all these young men and women from around the world had been used as pawns to fulfill the ambitions of a few.  It is truly one of the ugliest atrocities to ever have been carried out by an elected government against its own citizens.  And yet today because of our state edited media, most will not acknowledge that such an atrocity took place.

Thad Beversdorf, December 2014

Das 20…

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